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Rynell Morgan was born in Chicago and grew up in Englewood and West Pullman. As a youth he played baseball in the Foster Park Community Baseball league. His little league baseball coaches was Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett. Coach Rynell Morgan went on to play high school sports at Fenger High School. In 1981 as a freshman he was one of two freshmen to play varsity baseball. That year Fenger High School played Clemente High School at Comiskey Park in a semi final game. Clement won that game and went on to be City Champs that year.


Morgan was a three-sport athlete, playing baseball, basketball, and football at Fenger High School. He played baseball and basketball all four years earning letters each year. After high school Rynell went away to Southern Illinois University for three semester, playing JV baseball his freshman year. After leaving school he joined the United States Air Force/Reserves from 1987 to 1992 where he earned numerous awards. After serving five years in the United States Air Force/Reserves, he left as a Sergeant.   


Coach Rynell Morgan started coaching on volunteer basis at the Southside YMCA in 1994. He began coaching young boys and girls in basketball where he realized his true calling was to mentor young boys and girls. Coach Rynell Morgan started coaching little league baseball in 1997 after meeting Coach Ernest Radcliffe at the Southside YMCA and two years later Coach Ernest Radcliffe asked Coach Rynell Morgan to join his youth football program, the Southside Wolfpack, at the Southside YMCA in 1999.  Coach Rynell Morgan has been coaching youth sports for 24 years and has made a huge impact on thousands boys and girls lives. Coaching our youth has allowed Coach Rynell Morgan to provide positive feedback, build character and teach them life lessons while using sports as a tool.

Rynell Morgan has been working for Zenith-American Solutions for the past 23 years. He has been married to Yvette Sims-Morgan for 21 years. He has one son who is 25 years old and lives in Chicago.

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