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Jamfest Super National Champions!!! The Ladye Wolves cheer, dance, and learn gymnastics. Our talented youth has an impeccable show. We travel everywhere to showcase our talent. Our goal is to make it to state championship and then national championship. However our #1 goal is to learn a new skill and have fun. The Ladye Wolves is based out of Chicago IL. We provide a positive outlet so that our  children can define independence, self-motivation, self-confidence and self-perseverance all while focusing on being great cheerleaders and dancers.

Our organization has been around for more than 10 years. Our staff is well motivated and skillfully trained at their job. Our plan is to always provide a safe haven while allowing our children to have the ability to learn and have a great time during their time with The Ladye Wolves. We welcome you to join our team this year so that your precious child can be apart of something so great.

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About Us
Ladye Wolves Cheer/Dance was founded in 2000 by the founder and co-founder of the Southside Wolfpack football team. We’re a dedicated Cheer/Dance Team that brings hard work, dedication, motivation, and a safe haven to our community and our children. We pride ourselves on being a fun and collaborative environment, where children from all over can come together and join our team.

The Ladye Wolves Cheer/Dance team provides supervised cheer instruction for children while teaching fundamentals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, fair play, and character building. Parents, staff, and administration serve as role models, lead by example, and show the utmost proper conduct and sportsmanship. Team members are expected to comply with a minimum attendance policy in order to be eligible for participation in competitions.
 Athletic skills will be evaluated during camp.

In 2019, the Ladye Wolves won the United YFL Cheer and Dance National Championship.

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